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Customer Centric

We strive to always fully understand our customers quality expectations, and take the effective measures to meet and exceed them. 

Continuous Improvement

We continuously pursue the improvement of our products, our processes, and our environmental sustainability through internal audits, external audits, and management review.

Pursuit of Zero Defects

We continuously pursue the target of 0 PPM through a strict adherence to IATF TS16949 quality control system.

Pursuit of Excellence

We embody the spirit of excellence, and to pursue it at every part of the manufacturing process, with every one of our personnel.

System Certifications

QMS 16949.jpg

System certifications include:

ISO/TS 16949: 2016 (quality),  ISO14001 (environment), and OHSAS18001 (occupational health)

ISO 14001.png

Quality Procedures

Acceptance procedures of purchased raw materials:

With incoming materials, we test the materials for hardness, tensile strength, and elongation properties. We store materials at room temperature, placed in a tray with external identification (batch, number, manufacturer, production date, etc) to guarantee our raw materials are first-in, first out.

raw material.jpg

High Precision Automated Production Equipment:

State of the art automatic production equipment significantly reduce the chance for human error. Products on the line are checked by inspectors according to the specified control plan multiple times per shift.

auto inject.jpg
bay 1.jpg

Test Lab Equipment:

We want our clients to be confident that our products will always perform as intended. As such, all our products undergo rigorous testing. The following are only a few of the testing equipment we use to maintain a high standard of quality and dependability.

storage qr.jpg

Packaging and Storage:

The packaging carrier adopts a recyclable plastic turnover box, which ensures that the packaging box will not be deformed due to force during transportation. There are external signs on both sides of the outer packing box. The product information such as product name, drawing number, batch number, quantity and other information can be identified by QR code.


Finished product storage for ERP storage is in accordance to finished product sampling records and warehouse receipts. The packaged finished product is placed on the tray and the library staff completes the storage according to 5S requirements.

The finished product library follows the principle of FIFO.

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