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Fudong fully utilizes its state of the art R&D facilities, its experienced engineering teams, and its strict APQP process to successfully complete new product development projects for our customers.

We have a long track of rapidly launching crucial products and even entire product lines for our customers at or before their expected schedules, allowing them to continue to satisfy their ever-changing market demands.

From design, to prototyping, to performance and endurance validation, to start of production, we ensure our clients projects are progressed expediently at every stage, freeing our clients to work on their other initiatives downstream

Project Breakdown

We organize a detailed guideline for every custom product we develop. This allows us to optimize our time during development and reduce the client's waiting time by definitively allocating all responsibilities beforehand and taking preemptive measures for all potential/foreseeable obstacles.

Our guideline is outlined as such:

Production flow chart.png

Case Study:

JMC E400 Belows Project 

Started July 2018, SOP March 2019

Because of the design of the JMC chassis, the design stroke of the bellow was required to be 137±70mm. Due to the obstacles within this special requirement, our competitors began dropping out one by one after determining there was no quick fix to the conflicting designs. 


After studying the issue of chassis interference and design requirements, our technical department took a risk by diverging from the original design and redeveloping the structure of the bellow, submitting samples in the 20-day development cycle as required by customer.


Prototypes were road tested and approved without problem. Until present day, there have been no issues with our redesign. 


Software Capabilities

We are proficient with the following software in engineering design to suit your specific needs: 


Catia V5

solid edge.jpg

Solid Edge

ug nx.jpg

UG NX7.5







Secure Data Management


We proficiently manage all of our engineering data securely, so that none of your engineering data ever gets leaked. We strongly believe in client confidentiality and prevent your information know-how from being shared with others.

Our engineering document management system allows us to keep tight version control on all engineering documents to ensure a smooth transition from one ECN to the next.

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