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Our Products

Fudong is proud to provide its automotive products and components to original equipment (OE) manufacturers and aftermarket customers in Asia, North America, and around the globe. 


Our products are validated to “best in class” standards and specifications, using manufacturing and quality processes of state of the art facilities.

These standards and specifications ensure that all of our products meet your requirements on safety, reliability, and serviceability - while at the same time reducing costs and providing you exceptional value.

Please contact us for further inquiry on our product lines and specific applications.



We supply a wide range of turbochargers for passenger, marine, and commercial, and industrial vehicles, as well as power generators from 50 to 900kw:

- Garrett Series

- Cummins Holset Series

- Mitsubishi Series

- Borgwarner Series

- Industrial Series

- And Many More...

Hydraulic Steering & EPAS


Our steering parts include gearbox, rack and pinion, steering pump, EPAS systems and their various components.

VVT & Cam Phaser


We offer the full range of applications on VVTs and Cam Phasers for North American and European makes and models. Please contact us for any inquiries.

Chassis Parts

Chassis Parts.png

We manufacture a wide variety of chassis parts such as rack ends, tie rod ends, ball joints, rubber-metal bushings, control arms, pitman arms, stabilizer links.

Radiator Fans

Radiator Fans 2.png

We offer a wide selection of radiator fans that will effectively cool the engine to OEM specifications. Please ask us about your specific needs.


Drive Shaft.jpg

We manufacture driveshaft assemblies and components  for light automobiles, SUV, medium/heavy trucks, buses, agricultural/ PTO , engineering & machinery, industry, and steering applications.

Rotating Electrical


Our rotating electrical offering includes heavy duty alternators, including commercial vehicles and marine applications. Please call or email for a complete catalog. We also customize for specific applications.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation

egr vavle.jpg

The EGR valve is the main component of the exhaust gas recirculation system, and controls the amount of gas recirculated to your engine. We are ready to offer the applications that you need, including any related components.

Braking System

Brake Calipers.png

We manufacture a full line of loaded and unloaded calipers across thousands of applications. Please contact us for specific inquires.



We are a first class solution for any of your rubber mold parts, using materials from natural rubber to high quality synthetic rubber. 

Fuel Injection

Fuel inject.jpg

Our injection system parts include common rail injectors, high pressure pumps, corresponding solenoids, post-treatment injectors, etc.

Sealing Products

sealing products.jpg

We manufacture a wide variety of sealing products such as oil seals, valve stem seals, o-rings, and gaskets. Whether it is a fully customized seal or just a simple O-ring, we make sure the product we provide is the highest quality possible.

Air Disc Brakes

Air Disc Brake.png

Our air disc brakes offering spans across a wide variety of commercial vehicle applications. Please contact us for more information on the caliper assemblies, carriers, brake chambers, and repair & hardware kits.

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