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Research & Design

Our commitment to R&D sets us apart from our competition.

Our state of the art facilities, experienced engineering teams, and strict PPAP process means we are able to work with our customers on completely new product development from ideation to creation.

Proven Success

Long track record of innovative product launches

We have a long track of rapidly launching crucial products and even entire product lines for our customers at or before their expected schedules, allowing them to continue to satisfy their ever-changing market demands.

From design, to prototyping, to performance and endurance validation, to start of production, we ensure our clients projects are progressed expediently at every stage, freeing our clients to work on their other initiatives downstream

Structured Project Management

We organize a project team for every application we develop. These flexible working groups allow us to optimize our leadtimes, communicate openly with the customer,  and take preemptive measures against potential obstacles and foreseeable risk factors.

Have a project you're looking to launch? Chat with our team to see how we can help.

Advanced Software Capabilities

Our team of experienced engineering experts are proficient across the entire spectrum of designing and modeling software tools.

Whatever your specific needs may be, our team is ready to meet them.

Secure Data Management (PDM)

We value the trust that our customers give us, and take client confidentiality with the utmost seriousness.  


We strictly manage all of our engineering data securely in our product data management process (PDM), so that none of your engineering data ever gets leaked, and preventing your information and know-how from ever being stolen.

This also allows us to keep tight version control on all of your requests from one ECN to the next.

Product Data Management.png

In Action: JMC E400 Bellows

Started July 2018, SOP March 2019

The Problem:
Because of the design of the JMC chassis, the design stroke of the bellow was required to be 137±70mm. Due to the obstacles within this special requirement, JMC struggled with potential vendors beginning the project, and then backing out after determining there was no quick fix to the conflicting designs.
How We Helped:
After studying the issue of chassis interference and design requirements, the Fudong technical department took a risk by diverging from the original design and redeveloping the structure of the bellow, all within the 20-day development cycle JMC required for sample submission.
These redesigned prototypes passed JMC's road testing with flying colors. Not only was Fudong approved as JMC's new partner, JMC's internal team began actively looking for more ways to partner with our R&D team now that they trusted Fudong to go above and beyond in finding solutions.

Our Mission Statement


We are a leader of quality and new product development in China's automotive parts and components manufacturing industry.


We develop and manufacture automotive parts and components to meet the unique needs of our clients at competitive prices.


To be relentlessly committed to the continued growth and success of our customers.


To set the standard for excellence in automotive manufacturing, providing a seamless experience for our customers at every touch point from design to after sales support.

Let's talk about what we can build together.
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